Schoonheidssalon "Power Of Beauty"

Voor Jou, voor Haar, voor Hem


Hello dear reader,

The brands that I work with during my treatments are INSPIRA COSMETICS and the brand CHI ( only during aromatherapy ).

My makeup line is from CAROLINE COSMETIC .

I give workshops on request, but only when there is sufficient participation

For the spray-tanning of the skin, I have chosen the company:  "SPRAY TAN".

There are different shades of spray-tan : from light to dark and with a gold tone.

Which shade is chosen, in consultation with you, is partly due to the skin type you have.

I regularly advertise on SOCIAL DEAL with the skin rejuvenating treatment SEYO TDA.

You will find the prices for the different treatments on following pages:

Waxing / Dying / Epilating
Skin rejuvenation
Aromatherapy ( essential oils )