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What is Aromatherapy?

Besides making a conscious choice for our diet, it is also important that we consciously take care of our skin with healthy skin nutrition. Healthy skin nutrition of consists of products that come straight from nature, such as oils from plants, essential oils and aromatic water.

Oils from plants contain ingredients that ease, nourish and protect your skin, just like that same oils do for the seeds, nuts and fruits in the plants. The essential oils act good on your immune system and the condition of your skin. They also have a positive effect on your psyche. Skin easily absorbs the oils from plants, because it is very similar to sebum ( our natural skin oil ). With oils from plants the essential oil can be carried on to the deeper layers of your skin. For the best possible way for the skin to absorb the oils, it is great to mix the oils with hydrolats ( aromatic water created by distillation of plants and flowers ).

So, choose for an aromatherapy beauty treatment!

This treatment is also called A TOUCH OF........

There is A TOCH OF ..... treatment available for every skin type:

  • A touch of Lavender is for pimples and/or an oily skin
  • A touch of Roses is for calming, regenerating and rejuvenating and improves the skin structure.
  • A touch of Happiness is for easing, caring and regenerating and is good for a dry and sensitive skin.
  • A touch of Wood is for soothing, moisturizing and calming ( also for the male skin ).
  • A touch of Chi is for all skin types.

The treatment consists of:

  • Cleaning ( with cleansing oil )
  • Peeling
  • Epilation
  • Massage ( with warm skin oil and rose quartz stones )
  • Moisturizing mask ( infused with hydrolats )
  • Shia eye mask
  • Day or night care ( skin oil with lotion )

 The hydrolats that are used depends on wich "Touch" is used in the treatment.

Oils from plants ( also called vegetable oils ) are  true "super food" for your skin. The oils are nourishing, soothing and protecting your skin and after the treatment your skin looks bright. Vegetable oils are available for all skin types. The quantity that is used and the thickness of the oil makes the difference.  For skin improvement and fragrance experience essential oils are added the treatment.

You can use oils from plants for day and night care for your skin. Your skin can have a soft glow, but it should not shine too much.




  • Adapted to your skin

€  64,50

  • By first treatment

€  59,50  (reduction of € 5,00)