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Skin Rejuvenation with SEYO TDA

What is Seyo TDA?

Seyo TDA is a method treatment to transport hyaluronic acid to the deeper layers of your skin.

Seyo TDA affects the cell division in such a way that wrinkles no longer get a chance and lines disappear.

Until recently, it was only possible to reach the deeper skin layers by piercing the skin. Like, for example with: scalpel, needle, micro-needle.

This is all no longer necessary by Seyo TDA. Seyo TDA is world's only patented  therapy system, where a computer-controlled applicator transports cosmecueticals to the skin cells. 

Only strong skin cells that divide themselves into two daughter cells can make the skin look younger.

The exact quantities of cosmeceuticals required are calculated by the computer.

The amount varies per part of the face, decolleté and neck

There are nine different cosmeceutical cocktails: 

  • Hyaluronic N5:     Equalises the drought wrinkles of the young skin.
                                     ( protects the young skin against aging )
  • Hyaluronic N10:    Fill out and hydrates the skin, improving the structure. 
                                     ( skin improvement 30+ ) 
  • Mitocel:                  Activates the self renewal process of mature skin and lifting effect.
                                     ( reduces visible wrinkles )
  • Proderm:               Helps reduce impurities and inhibite inflammation.
                                     ( combined skin )  
  • Polar:                      Reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots.
                                     ( optimalization of the teint )
  • Canaboost:           Anti-aging effect
                                    ( premium cell activator )
  • Dermacool:           Soothing, cooling and hydrating
                                     ( sensitive skin )x
  • Fight:                      Reduces wrinkles, feeds the skin and moisturizes.
                                     ( anti aging for the man )
  • Rescue:                 Activates cell renewal and moisturizes.
                                   ( for the delicate male skin )

Partial treatments are also possible, see the price list

Below you can see how Seyo TDA works.